What can Ark do?

Ark Shelter Software is a comprehensive animal shelter management software system designed to process information on people and animals. Ark maintains details about:

Name, address, phone, donations, numbers and dates of animal surrendered and adopted, mailing list criteria, etc.

Shelter Animal Information
The complete status of all animals in your shelter, such as surrender-adoption-medical dates, breeds, color, age, feedings, treatments, reasons, and percentages for surrenders, adoptions, disposals, average length of stay, animal shelter census and statistics, etc. ARK even has imaging so you can place a snapshot of the animal right on the screen and print it on the forms!

The Adoption Pet Wish List
Searches your current census for matches at the touch of a key.

Cruelty and Complaint Investigations
Names, locations, dates, times, officers, actions, follow-ups, etc.

Skills, preferences, times available, hours donated, etc.

Cash receipts for fundraisers, donations, shelter fees, fines, etc.

Complete Animal Licensing and Renewal system
Issue, print, and track licensed animal and license information, print renewals, track payments

Traps Management:
Track information of animal trap loans, fees, etc.


Custom Report Writer
Create custom reports or modify existing standard reports at the touch of a button.

Lost and Found
Match lost animals with found animal reports and vice versa.

Graphs and Charts
Series of pie and bar charts!

A complete series of nearly 60 reports may be generated at any time to the screen, disk, or printer. These reports include detailed listings, summary totals, percentages, and even graphs of all the important data in your system. You can modify any report in the ARK system, changing the text and information to suit your needs. Additionally, you can design your own reports in the future if you so desire. Cash and payment receipt balancing and analysis reports are included for complete financial management of your organization.